T-Rex family portrait…

My sister-in-law reaches out to me about 2 weeks ago and asked if I would draw her gorgeous family as cartoon characters… dinosaurs make sense right?!?! Andrew helped me decide what characters to go with and a family of T-Rex dinosaurs sounded like a pretty fun challenge. I began with the man of the house (Dan):

And the 2 kids and mom (VR) came shortly after:

Then came the really fun part… making these dinosaurs look like the family members themselves. Dad, obviously, needed the beard and glasses. Mom, needed the poise and confidence that she always carries so well, along with the body language showing her love for the family members. Then came the kids, Cadi- holding one of their cats with flowers in her hair, she is not the girly girl one of the 2 she is more adventurous and more of an explorer, but she still enjoys dressing up and looking pretty. Then came Meri- the girly girl, the youngest and the one missing her front teeth:


Final details: The last name up above the family and the other pets they own- another cat and a dog (I left out the 8 frogs… but the thought crossed my mind).

And then… all the details and shading happen and we have the finished product:


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