Engaged! πŸ’š

I felt that the story needed to be documented for the memory later.

Andrew and I are currently on vacation in Montana with my folks and it has been the most amazing trip I have experienced. We are in Whitefish and just had a full day visiting Glacier Park- we drove all day and stopped off to see a waterfall. It was a much harder and longer hike than we were expecting (and that the sign suggested) but that just made it that much better.

It was a challenge but the sites and views were stunning. It began raining when we made it to the top- pouring rain! And it was gorgeous. We were at the base of a waterfall with nothing but mountains around is and I honestly couldn’t imagine a more perfect day in all my life. When we got back to the car we were drenched and happy. But it wasn’t until later that the big moment happened….

After we got back to our rental we dropped my parents off and went out on our own mini adventure, but once we got on the road we saw the most breathe taking sunset.

Andrew decided at that moment since today was already so incredible we should chase the sunset to the lake 20 miles away, and that’s what we did. We chased it to a small lake and beach in Whitefish. The sun was just passing the mountain range in the distance and I was feeding the baby ducks when Andrew snuck up behind me and startled me. I turned around to see a ring box in his hand and a nervous smile on his face. When I realized what this was he quickly slurred his words to sound like “marry me?” I have never been more happy, shocked and overwhelmed with joy in my life. 

Obviously I said YES!!

Mountain climbing in the rain then chasing the sunset. Nothing tops this moment! 

7/11/2016 πŸ’

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